Whole Body Detox – How to Do It?

You may have heard celebrities talking about detoxing the body and thought it some new age thing, but the reality is even "regular" people can benefit from giving their body a detox. But if you do not know what that is or how to really do it, you might be overwhelmed trying to figure it out.

What is a detox?

In short, when you detox your body, you flush out toxins that drag it down. Over time, through diet and environmental effects, our bodies take in a lot of toxins and these drag the body down.

If you need a detox, you can get sick, or you might feel sluggish (because your system is moving sluggishly). The pores of your skin might be clogged and you might begin having skin problems. You might literally get physically sick.

The idea behind detox is that you give your body a way to flush all those toxins out and refresh the system. Many people swear by regular detox sessions that help them to feel more energetic and healthy. They say their skin is smoother and clearer. Their hair may also be shinier and stronger.

Some people believe that detoxing the body can help with anti aging efforts and can help to defer or prevent disease.

How can you detox?

Many experts say that before you begin a formal program of detoxification, you should remove many of the toxins that you take in each day. Switch to natural cleansers and move away from the chemical beauty products as well. Eliminate refined sugars, caffeine and processed foods from your diet.

Once you have already begun this informal detox program, you can decide which formal program is right for you. You can do a juice fast, in which you drink only fruit and vegetable juices for up to a week as you release toxins from your body. One method, which has been used since ancient times, calls for drinking water only one day each week. Some people enjoy fruit and vegetable fasts in which they supplement their juices with fresh fruit and vegetables.

You can also purchase whole body detox programs that will give you – in many cases – a much more dramatic result than you can get from your own at-home efforts.

Many of these formal detox programs will contain fiber, minerals, herbs and vitamins. You can flush the body while also feeding it healthy and natural things that will help to nourish it through the process.

So there you have it.

Most health experts recommend going through a home detox on a regular basis, and if you do just one, you'll be hooked. You'll know that your body will need it on a regular basis.

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