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Benefits of All Natural Weight Loss Supplements

People all around the globe want to have a flat stomach desperately, and this is why they are increasingly opting for all natural weight loss supplements that promise quick results without any side effects. You can also find several diet pills that are useless as they increase the risk of heart attacks and diabetes. No […]

Green Tea Diet – A Safer and Economical Means of Losing Weight Effectively

Green Tea Diet is an Effective and Inexpensive Weight Loss Method Weight loss business is becoming a huge industry especially in United States wherein a lot of people are suffering from obesity. Some manufacturers of diets programs and pills are taking advantage of this opportunity by offering clients with very expensive and often ineffective methods […]

Good Alternative For Diet Ingredient Ephedra

Ephedra was originally used in Chinese medicine to treat hay fever and asthma for thousands of years. It was not until the 21st century that ephedra was introduced to the mainstream diet scene in America. Ephedra was widely used as a stimulant and thermogenic. Dozens of dietary supplement manufacturers jumped on the opportunity to add […]

Testing the Cabbage Soup Diet – Day 1

Today, as promised, is my first day on the legendary cabbage soup diet. I’ve been meaning to try it for many years, but somehow the time was never right (translation: I was able to find excuses). It’s a short-term crash diet, based on eating unlimited quantities of a cabbage-based soup which costs more calories to […]

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